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Nicole Raglin, NCPT

*Nationally Certified  Pilates Trainer

*Polestar Pilates faculty member

*Comprehensively Trained through Polestar Pilates and Balanced Body

*NASM Personal Trainer

*Pilates for Neuro Rehab

*Reiki Practitioner

*NLP Mindset Coach

*Anusara Yoga RYT


Hi and Welcome!!! 

People often ask how and when did I first discover Pilates. Looking back now it seems so long ago, almost 2 decades!! 

In 2002 (after the birth of my second son) I was recruited by the fitness director at my local YWCA to attend a Mat Pilates class. I was a busy mom of two boys, running a family side business, out of shape, and exhausted. In addition I was recovering from a prior car accident. Despite going to traditional PT, Chiro, massage route I knew I needed something more. **Spoiler alert** Pilates! 

Within a few sessions I was feeling better than ever, more alive in my body, increased energy and more aligned. Shortly after I attended a Pilates day event here in Austin and discovered there was so much more than just Mat Pilates. From that moment I knew I had to learn more about this fascinating method.

Over these past 20 years I have had the opportunity to train under some of the best Pilates schools around, have attended a vast amount of continuing education training courses, owned 5 thriving studios and have helped 100's of people regain their health, strength and mobility so they can live the life they love. 

I believe each client is unique and deserves a training program customized for their individual needs. If you are a busy mom, professional, athlete, or just looking for a workout that makes you feel amazing let's connect!

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